Contingent Automobile Liability In Respects Of Truck Leasing Companies

Contingent Automobile Liability coverage provides investigation, indemnity, and defense to a truck leasing company for third party claims.  An example of where coverage applies in a case wherein the truck leasing company relies upon a certificate of insurance received from the lessor be valid  and which turn out to be bogus. A claim ensues and the truck leasing  company is brought into the claim or resulting suit. The Contingent  Automobile Liability policy will provide investigation, indemnity, and  defense for a covered claim.

Our program provides the truck leasing company with a Contingent  Automobile Liability policy which can be tailored to provide limits of:

            a) $1,000,000 any one occurrence/
                 $1,000,000 annual aggregate

            b) $1,000,000 any one occurrence/
                 $2,000,000 annual aggregate  


Cont Auto IRO Truck Leasing App (pdf)